“On Break: Random Acts of Defiance in the Workplace”

I have found a whole new way to utilize my time and the big building I work in, with spaces not open to the public, to create these fleeting, spontaneous, surreptitious acts of deviance on my breaks. They started out as simple drawings but evolved and grew into something more complex. They are very exciting to make: with the clock ticking I’m sometimes crawling on all fours across floors, or using one shoe off as my tripod. Moving around emergency cones to avoid cameras. Dragging a roll of paper found in the trash in to the bathroom. They are as much found opportunities as frantic creations—with the added fear and anxiety of being caught. All of the images were created on weekends when less staff were around. In taking this guerrilla approach to art-making, I’m both stepping out of the limiting notions of what art is and how it can be made as well as what a typical workday is. I’m liberated from both worlds, able to make my own. If I can’t be a famous artist, at least I am trying to be a famous museum security guard.